HDPDO technique is versatile and designed to be tailor-made. Our Signature techniques bring natural results that last.

quick Results

HDPDO technique can develop 4 different categories of desired results including Lifting, Reshaping, Resurfacing, and Feminine Rejuvenation. Each category consists of several indications.



HDPDO Face Lift shapes a younger appearance by lifting and tightening the saggy skin around the mid-face caused by aging.

Eyebrow Lift

Eyebrow Lift improves the appearance of brows and the area around eyes by raising soft tissue. HD PDO Eyebrow lift is great for low, sagging brow or brow asymmetry.

J Lift

The unique J Lift technique is designed to combat those droopy jowls by lifting and stimulating collagen growth. J Lift aims to redefine the mandibular edge, correct the jowl line, reconstruct the oval face and reduce the Marionette line.



Chin Sculpting

Reshaping the chin can restore the facial balance by giving a smooth and defined structure around the jawline.

Happy Lips

Our newly developed, long-lasting Happy Lips technique is safe and enhances your natural beauty. It will take away those droopy sad lips and bring back the uplifted smile.

eye 360

The exclusive EYE360 technique is sketched in a complete circle around the eye, preserving and enriching the natural collagen structure around the eyes.



Crepey Cheek

The Formation of Crepey cheek skin is mostly due to sun exposure. These broken down elastin and collagen could be rejuvenated by using HD PDO threads intradermally.

Neck Resurfacing

Neck resurfacing is one of the advanced HD PDO techniques that focus on formed platysma bands and horizontal crepey lines on the neck to tighten the skin and build up its collagen foundation.

Hand Care

HD PDO technique has been used for resurfacing and rejuvenating the wrinkles on the hand.



Pubic Lift

The mons pubis can become enlarged from aging or pregnancy. HD PDO PUBIC LIFT is a genital cosmetic non-surgical procedure that is used to improve the exterior appearance of the vulvar structure.


HD PDO Labiaplasty is a cosmetic non-surgical procedure for contouring and altering the labia minora and labia majora.

Breast Care

HD PDO Breast Care technique will help to raise the breast by lifting and tightening the surrounding tissue and also helps to reposition the areolas.