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1Barbed Beauty Thread
2Smooth Thread
3Pro Plastic Thread
  • BARBED Absorbable monofilament threads in Pdo

    Monofilament sutures produced by extrusion and cut in PDOwith a specific polimerization and geometry:

    Gauge: 4.0 USP
    Lengths available: 5-9-15 cm
    Color: violet

    Sutures pre-assembled in disposable needles The three sutures use needles of different lengths and diameters:

    50mm suture = 23G x 60mm
    90mm suture = 23G x 60mm
    150mm suture = 23G x 90mm

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  • SMOOTH Absorbable monofilament threads in Pdo

    Monofilament sutures produced by extrusion and cut in Pdo with a specific polimerization and geometry Gauge 6.0 Lenghts Available : 3-5-7 cm Color: violet

    Suture Pre- assembled in disposable needle

    The three sutures use needle of different lengths and diameters

    30mm suture = 29Gx40mm

    50mm suture = 29Gx40mm

    70mm suture = 29Gx60mm

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The Assufil range is composed of totally absorbable sutures, formed by PDO (polydioxanone), specially studied to resist enzymatic attack and stimulate the skin in an optimal and homogeneous way.The particular manufacturing process guarantees extreme flexibility and tensile strength (12 LBS).

Thanks to a special production process that adjusts temperature and pressure, the degree of porosity and crystallinity of the polymer material are reduced, without altering the degree of elasticity and dermal integration.

In this way the Assufill sutures have a higher durability , we call it (HD) High Density PDO threads ( Last 6-8 months for smooth and barbed threads, 12-18 months for pro plastic threads).
This range of sutures is manufactured in Italy with technologically advanced, patented and unique machinery.

The production is always subjected to double-checking:
-Analogical: through calibrated equipment
– Manual: carried out by qualified and highly specialized personnel

FDA cleared on needles, the threads as well the combination of using them.


  • Kim F.

    I love my HD-PDO Threads! All my friends and family have noticed how much younger my face looks!

  • Lilly B.

    I have had great growing results even after 12 months with HD-PDO lifting threads, and I extremely recommend it to my friends!